Dear Zahal,

I spent almost 2 hours to read your website. I was really delighted to get (again!) into “Zahal’s World”, to find you, your thoughts,your concept about life and people and to remember about great people who influenced your life. I feel proud and honoured that I met two of them and heard from you about the other. (Thank you for sharing with me a part of your life!).

As I understood, starting with January 1, 2006, you will say “We are in Hungary (not In Romania)”.

At the end of your “Romanian Life”, let me express my gratitutde for the opportunity to know you, to work with you, to learn from you and to have you as one of my best friends. “SOS Experience” changed my life completely. You changed my life completely.

Thank you for your night calls asking “what’s going on?”, thank you for your trust in me, thank you for your advises, for the opportunity to know your family and to learn more about your country and people. I wish you to enjoy your “Hungarian Life” and I hope we will always stay friends.

Mihaela (M-A)

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