Dear Dr. Levy,

Zahali Shalom,


I read every page of your site for ‘knowing you better’ and indeed I had a lot to learn.

It seems that Zahali I have known was more of a friend for me — but I discoved a complitly new MAN: mature, businessman, famaly man, activist, music lover, and yes.. a good friend.

You ‘need’ to turn your site into a ‘forum’ – an interesting place to visit often, other wise it will become a ‘one visit site’. Give it life, chat, involve readers/your friends in writing.

…And by the way I found a mistake — In your father’s CV you wrote that he left the army in 1978 after 35 years of service. Yehuda left the army after 25 years. 1978 – 35 = 1943, was he 8 when he joint the IDF?

I salute you my friend,

Avi Golan

Former President of the Jerusalem Post

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