Dear Zahal,

Among so many e-mails received from your recently, this is the most delightful. Late in the evening I am not too tired to read it and answer immediately with great joy.
First, to congratulate you.
Second to express my friendliest jealousy.
Third, to criticize you: a site is too brief to reflect your soul and personality. The site should be less formal and warmer.
Fourth and most important, to offer you a few suggestions:
1.- I think your immediate family, especially your son would be proud and honoured to find some place of being mentioned among your lifetime achievements and people who certainly marked your life to the better.
2.- Seeking to relate to people, I think that your “Romanian Experience” deserves a brief and specific note within the site – it will bring you a lot of interesting and interested connections and new relationing.
3.- Going to your “Power phrases”, the story of W. Churchill’s caption is that whet you quoted is Mr. Churchill’s WHOLE SPEECH to a class of University graduates in the middle of the horrendous war. The class was expecting a speech and all the Great Man said was: “Never give up….. never….never…. never…..NEVER”. This is the beauty of it.
And I think it reflects your entire personality, I thought of it many times before I read it on your site.
4.- You may wish to have on site your personality reflected through other people’s eyes. May be you invite some of your closest friends to contribute directly on the site by telling you how they see you. You are, after all, a very proud and brave person. You like taking chances and you like challenges. If I was invited to tell to people my very brief views about Zahal Levy, I would either quote W. Churchill or mention mentoring me into taking Gmara lessons together.

With deepest affection to a great Friend,

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