zahal levy

As a speaker at the 6th Annual Medical Tourism Conference & Workshop, Zahal Levy had the opportunity to participate in a remarkable event that presented useful insights into the international healthcare industry. Medical Tourism has become an extremely important tool for patients that look for the best medical services. Healthcare institutions must adapt their practices to offer patients the best treatment opportunities and become premium destinations for people all over the world.

In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of private medical insurance as a tool proficient in supporting national healthcare systems to provide patients the services they need at affordable costs. Trends in CEE show that by 2025, national medical systems will face a major burden due to population aging and underfunding. In CEE countries, healthcare expenditure per inhabitant is extremely low compared to other European countries. These statistics show us that soon, the national healthcare systems will not be able to perform and meet the population expectations.

In the international private medical insurance practice, national healthcare systems can find a partner, as the insurance providers aim to attract middle and upper class, and offer them access to private medical institutions anywhere in Europe. By paying taxes, private medical insurance providers and private medical units become an important source of funding for the national system, thus increasing its sustainability and ability to take care of patients.