Bucharest, 17 November: The latest study concerning serious and fatal accidents at work in the European Union, published by ESAW (European Statistics on Accidents at Work), states that over 2.7 million serious accidents and almost 3,700 fatal accidents took place at work time in the EU. Researchers place Romania second, with no less than 3.8 fatal accidents per 100,000 employees.
The highest incidence of fatal accidents at work was recorded in Portugal at 4.3 deaths per 100,000 persons employed, while the third place was occupied by Latvia with 3.6 deaths per 100,000 employees.
On the other hand, Romania registers the lowest reported rates for serious accidents at work, with under 100 serious work accidents per 100,000 persons employed. The study also shows that the average incidence rate for serious accidents at work for men is 4.9 times higher than that recorded for women. Part of that difference can be put down to the nature of the work being carried out.
Two thirds (67.8 %) of fatal accidents at work and under half (48.5 %) of all serious accidents in the EU took place in economic sectors such as: construction, manufacturing, transportation and storage, agriculture, forestry and fishing. Close to one in four (23.1%) fatal accidents at work in the EU in 2011 took place within the construction sector, while the manufacturing sector had the next highest share (16.5 %).
“A healthy and, more important, a safe working environment has always been a critical factor in the quality of life for every person and also a concern for every developed society. Fatal or severe accidents at work do not harm and hurt only the actual victims, but also have a big impact on their families and employers.
For this kind of situations there are personalised accident insurance plans available, such as the one provided by MediHelp International. For instance, if a person suffers an accident and finds they are unable to work as a consequence, how can they support their family or take care of all the bills? That’s why MediHelp Accident Cover has a very important advantage. By paying an annual premium, this kind of insurance protects you in case of temporary or permanent invalidity or your family in case of a fatal accident, thus providing a much needed financial safety net in these situations.”, states Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.
The study defines an accident at work as a discrete occurrence during the course of work which leads to physical or mental harm. A serious accident at work is an accident that results in three days or more of absence from work, and fatal accidents at work are those which lead to the death of the victim within one year of the accident occurring. To carry out the study the examiners calculated the “incident rate” based on the number of accidents in relation to the number of persons employed.
ESAW (European Statistics on Accidents at Work) is the main data source for European statistics for health and safety at work issues.

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