Bucharest, 28th of May, 2015: For a net salary of 2,500 lei an employee has to pay 125 lei (5.5%) to access the healthcare package provided by the public system. For extra modest additional sum – 200 lei a month – anyone could easily get private medical insurance plan, use any hospital, doctor or treatment available in any medical centre in Europe.

The Ministry of Finance decided the amounts we must pay to the CAS (Health Insurance Contributions), while the 200 lei additional fee represents the premium paid by MediHelp International’s average client.

It takes only 200 lei to avoid a system which… systematically fails to provide basic needs while at the same time, private medical insurance can guarantee access to high-end medical care at any modern facilities, top-class hospital, clinic and doctor.

“Health always comes first. Healthcare services covered by the state become tragic when you see people traumatized by the very system they pay for. Our message is simple: private medical care has become very accessible with a proper insurance plan. For less than 100 euro a month, you may also cover the possible need for cancer treatments, transplant-services and important tests such as CT, MRI or PET scans. Private medical insurance should become mandatory, by law, if not by the good personal will of the citizens.” says Zahal Levy, president of MediHelp International.

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