The latest statistics on medical salaries in Europe show concerning figures for Romania. According to the latest numbers for the minimum and maximum wages for medical practitioners across the EU, Romania ranks last.

With a minimum salary per month for medical practitioners of 373 euros and a maximum one of 874 euros, Romania lies far behind countries like Denmark or Belgium. Denmark, for example, can take pride in having a minimum salary for a medical practitioner of 8,333 euros and a maximum one of 13,333 euros per month.

Besides the low wages for medical staff, Romania is also facing the lowest expenditure on healthcare. Total current healthcare expenditure varies significantly among the EU Member States. The share of current healthcare expenditure exceeded 11 % of the gross domestic product (GDP) in four EU Member States (France, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark), which was almost double the share of current healthcare expenditure relative to the GDP recorded in Romania.

“For many years the Romanian health system has been subject to under-investment. The expenditure per capita is among the lowest in Europe and inefficiency and corruption seem to rule the system. Excellent medical staff are worn out by working in an understaffed environment and in poorly maintained buildings. Professors and department managers could be earning over twenty times more elsewhere so it is not surprising the exodus of health professionals in recent years.” says Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.