July 2008. This is to say goodbye to you, my precious R 1150 RT. My silver, 2004 model bike and I had our love story. You and I rode together to fascinating places. We came to know and appreciate each other.

My 1150, you came into my life in 2004. I bought you from the local BMW dealer in Bucharest, Romania. During the time I had you, we knew lovely trips to Austria, Czech-Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, the long shores of the Black Sea, and more. You have never disappointed me. You were always reliable, kind and good. We had nice times, riding in country side sceneries across the fields, mountains and sea-side. We also had rough rides when rain was pouring on us. We rode on icy roads and crossed splashing highways. We also had rides under aggressive sun inflicting heat and temperature over 40°. In many of the rides, you also had to carry the extensive weight that I had with me.

My dear king of bikes, for all those times, you have won my appreciation. I’ve always known that you will bring me to the agreed destination in a peaceful way. Your supreme technology and royal behavior on the road made me rely on you and trust your capabilities. You corrected my mistakes on the road. You knew how to speed up, but under a stop command, you would always yield. The music, sounds and beats of the famous Boxer engine were the background for the endless cruising that anyone who really knows you can enjoy. But your time is up. You have to move on and experience other riders. You need to see new places, new riding styles and new challenges. I have to own a new(er) bike.

So, as now you are standing again in the showroom of BMW Bucharest, waiting for your next love story, I salute you my dear King of the bikes. I say goodbye to you. I hope your next rider will know better how to challenge your skills and take the most of your amazing technical supremacy.

So as the new king, the RT 1200 is already parked near my home, I wish you well, and say goodbye. So long my admired King.