Today, my dear friend and former boss, Mr Joseph Priel will be taken to be at peace.
Joseph Priel was a beacon and a source of inspiration for many. My life has been enlighted enriched and blessed by years of working together, years of friendship and an endless amount of hours of experiences and conversations.

 Joseph was deeply involved in my life and has a deep fingerprint in my career. Joseph has created a massive change in the map of the European medical realm.
Today, when Joseph will be laid to rest, there will be hundreds of medical centres, clinics, hospitals, diagnostics and dialysis centers, which will be open to the public in more than 10 countries in Europe.
 They will serve thousands who will not know who created all this.
 I cannot find the right way to express my gratitude to Joseph and to convey my wishes to Ms Edna Priel and the family.

December 2018

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