Eliza, what a lady! Eliza and Mircea are driving. Mircea is steering, gearing and accelerating. Eliza is on the wipers, lights, Stereo System and GPS.

It is great fun to be a passenger in their car, observing their four hands running left and right on the dash board of the car, real co-piloting. But the driving collaboration is not the main point of collaboration between the loving pair.

Eliza and Mircea are travelling and seeing the world through the lenses they carry. They are after their own interpretation of the items, objects, scenes, which we all see and ignore on a daily basis.

The Cinteza “photography concept and lens” will draw a square around an item, view or scene. Suddenly, you will discover a new dimension of the very same thing you just saw; only it looks so different.

“The beauty was captured in the square”.

You wonder how come you have not responded to it, when you passed nearby.

The scan of a view

Targeting the next shot

Taking it


Am I am the only one impressed from the high standards and the talent of the “Cinteza Photo Squad”? Not exactly. Eliza has sent her photos to a competition of photographers arranged by Romanian Branch of the National Geographic Society. She won the first award.


First winning Price: Eliza Cinteza

The winning price was a trip to India, so the Cinteza team did not miss the opportunity, and came back with a new set of hundreds of new photos taken in India and Tibet.

Some photos of Mircea can also be found in the gate of my personal site.

So I consider myself lucky to have met the world of Eliza and Mircea.

There were so many things for me to like, admire and appreciate. “Rich is the one who has a friend. “ I feel I have discovered a new “Cinteza World”.

I want to see more. I hope I have experienced just the entry to this lovely friendship. I am a rich person.

Winter 2011 – Winter from the window of the Cinteza mountain house in Pestera

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