About Super-Realistic Sculptures

About Super-Realistic Sculptures

A friend sent me this odd presentation.The presentation is not odd, nor the images which will have a powerful impact on you when you watch them.

The humans in the presentation are dormant. You will grant them life and wake them up the moment you click on the next slide. The super-realistic piece of art will turn into reality. You might find some of the images disturbing. Some are annoying. I was stunned by the realism and the effect they had on me. It made me think of the stage I am in my life, what I look like… what I know of my body that no one else can see or feel… and how we use clothes to mask the gloomy truth of the deteriorating human body.

Whatever was sex-oriented triggered a sexual urge in me. Whatever was about old age triggered fear in me. No wonder children who are the outcome of human lust and adulthood are the remaining and everlasting hope.

In my art collection I keep adding bronze pieces of figurative shape of humans. Bronze is an attractive warm substance and it can capture real human expressions. Now comes this super-realistic approach and it has messed me up. On one hand you could argue that I got what I wished for… the ultimate precise artistic form of human expression. On the other hand, when I reached the piece’s climax of connecting to it, and identifying with it, I did not like it and I wanted to go back to the safe realm of bronze less accurate figures that remain un-resolved.

It’s just a thought. By being too precise and accurate, we might lose the magic.

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