An important letter from Sir Zahal Levy, the President of MediHelp/MediSky International

An important letter from Sir Zahal Levy, the President of MediHelp/MediSky International

Dear Valued Reader,

Throughout my long career in healthcare, I have never seen such a chaotic situation as I am currently witnessing. It reminds me of times of war which I have experienced in the country I come from. Mess, confusion, lack of knowledge, lack of orientation, lack of leadership, no sense of direction, rumours, panic, and more.

The so called “Corona Virus” is an unknow newcomer in our lives. We are all attracted to the news, to articles, trying to understand “What does all this mean for my children, for my wife or husband, for my business, for me…”.

The situation represents a real threat to the world economy. But the good news is that the time after, which is called “The returning Economy” by the experts, will probably compensate for those who navigated this period of time both cleverly and without panicking.

It feels like we all boarded a bumpy flight with no clear destination and no way to get off. We do not know where all this is going, or whether “we even have enough fuel to get there’’.  Once again, as many times before, I am sad to see ministers and community leaders appearing in talk shows, talking discussions, making declarations – but in effect saying nothing. It would have been more clever and helpful of them if they would just admit the truth and say, “We don’t know what to say…”

As always, the older immunodeficient people will be particularly affected and also those who have suffered from long-term ill health (of course, the topics of preventive medicine also count here, because health means much more than the absence of illness – in other words, one very potent immune defense which is determined by many factors of an optimally functioning organism is important for your health anyway).

The more people who have contact with the virus over time, the more immunity will result. This is mainly because the virus does not change as fast as was initially feared.

For a long time, MediHelp/MediSky newsletters and media appearances have promoted healthy living.

We thought we should encourage good balanced nutrition, avoid pollutants, no smoking, and take plenty of physical activity. That, on its own, can minimize the first phase of any primary contact with sources of infection.

We advise you to seriously take serious measures of personal hygiene and as much as possible avoid the close contact with potentially infected people, or people who are known to arrive from countries like China and North Italy. Also, that should be adopted with consideration and common sense, not in a panic-ridden manner.

It is clear that those of you who followed our on-going recommendation for “Healthy Living” and “Anti-Cancer Living” will be better prepared for the fight against the coming threat. This is because your immune system will protect you better, so your ongoing healthy lifestyle will work to your benefit. You have a better chance to resist the new threats, much better than those who turned their back to our repeating request to stop smoking and adopt a new lifestyle.

The so-called Corona Virus is a mutation which can still mutate further, on an ongoing process. This represents a challenge to those who are close to creating an effective vaccine.  Until they do, do what you are told, even if the “protective-recommendations” sound to me like trying to protect yourself against a shotgun when all you are armed with is an A4 sheet of paper!

Your insurance plan with MediHelp or MediSky International.

You are probably equipped with the best possible tool to confront the possible worsening situation in our society.  An insurance policy cannot protect us unless the public and private health systems work well.

It is clear that Coronavirus cases in significant numbers will put an additional strain on already weak national health systems, but that can happen in any country. So, it may reach the point where minor ailments will no longer be treatable at state hospitals and an already overstretched, poorly funded health system, as they have been overrun with the consequences of the virus.

The insurance plan you are paying for is possible protection from the slamming doors of a National Health System that can no longer cope.

Also, this statement could be challenged, as a total collapse of the systems cannot be supported by any insurance plan.

So here is the deal; you keep your insurance plan, and we will do our very best to continue to serve you to the very highest standards as you have become used to with our health insurance policies.

MediHelp, Medisky International, and I, are all at your service to continue this discussion on the virus and to meet your needs.

I wish you, and everybody, a healthy spring, and may we all enjoy a healthy time ahead.