Dr. Halit Erol

Dr. Halit Erol

His name: Dr. Halit Erol.

He was born in Ankara, in Turkey on the 28.02.1959. Halit studied in the Faculty of Medicine, where he graduated as an Internal Medicine Doctor.

I met Halit during my activities in Euromedic International.

I was sent to Turkey by the management of the company, to asses the future of the operations in Turkey.

Halit was the one who created the entity of Euromedic in Turkey, becoming the first President of IDC Euromedic Turkey. When the company gave him the mandate, things started to roll fast.

Halit is not waiting for anyone. If there was a need to pay the builders, and the company money had not yet arrived, he paid some large amounts of money from his private funds. But life is not always as sweet as a “Turkish Delight”.

Halit is a true leader. His staff looks up to him. As a manager, I had the chance to witness events when he “won points” with a balanced and matured attitude to people.

Halit is a well known personality in the world of Medicine in Turkey. He can open doors and has easy and immediate access to anyone in the Turkish medical world. Halit would never give up on his principles and views.

He is a self-assured, proud gentleman. He would stand up for his opinions and state them clearly. As I was working with Halit, I learnt to appreciate his personality. Not always we agreed. In the beginning, we even had tensions and difficult moments. But very fast, we started to listen to each other.

Our combined think tank, and the execution of Halit started to show results. Due to the sudden termination of my activities in Euromedic, I could not stay with Halit and enjoy the long term fruits of our work. In the journeys around work issues, we had those conversations that only best friends can have.

On the long road to Ankara (Halit drives 220 Km/hr) we wondered of what would become of the two of us. In the city of Ankara, I saw his Primary School and the neighbourhood of his childhood. In the evening, we would meet with his best friends over a well served table in a Turkish local restaurant.

Halit symbolises Turkey so well: the intellect, the colours, the diversity… the hope.

Halit and I knew that our friendship would prevail.

On the 12th of July, when the war between Israel and Lebanon broke, I was in Israel.

Halit called me.

He told me that I should take all my family and move them to live in his home in Istanbul.

He insisted. I knew he meant it.

I will never forget this.

“There are some moments when you know who your real friends are.”

Later on, on the occasion of Halit becoming a Knight of Malta, I had the chance to meet his wonderful family. Halit is not only a family man, a doctor and a businessman.

Halit is an author of four books.

Summary of the books (written Turkish):

ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY: (Medical -1988): for doctors and internists. The book contains basic rules of Electro-Cardiograph during the process of changing in diseases.

INTERNAL MEDICINE AND PREGNANCY: (Medical -1993): this book contains all disorders which we can see during the pregnancy and treatments.

HAND BOOK OF HAEMODIALYSIS: (Medical -1994): this book contains Basic rules and best treatment ways of Haemodialysis.

HOLY JERUSSALEM: (Paramedical -2002): In this book, the author debates why Jerusalem is accepted as “holy city” by three religions and its situation today.

PRIEURE DE SION and KNIGHT OF TEMPLARS: (Paramedical – 2004): this book contains valuable information about Templar of Knights and La Prieure de Sion. You can find some knowledge about their rules, history and relations with each other.

I see myself privileged to have a friend like Halit.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting on the Bosphorus, to talk about the wonders of life.