MediHelp International and Allianz Tiriac sign a long term collaboration contract- MediHelp International Press Release- 10.06.2014

MediHelp International and Allianz Tiriac sign a long term collaboration contract- MediHelp International Press Release- 10.06.2014

MediHelp International,the leading private health insurance provider in Central and Eastern Europe, has signed a partnership with Allianz Tiriac, member of Allianz Group, one of the most important providers of financial services worldwide. Starting May 2014, MediHelp International will also distribute Allianz Tiriac health insurance policies, for individuals and companies, on the Romanian market.

Due to the collaboration with Allianz Tiriac, MediHelp International will add local health insurance packages to its portfolio which included until present time only private health insurance with international coverage. Allianz Tiriac’s health insurance products SanaPro and SanaPlan will be included in MediHelp’s portfolio.

“We are happy to be able to announce a long term partnership with Allianz Tiriac, a remarkable player on the Romanian insurance market. This collaboration only comes to add to the high quality standards that we established since MediHelp International was founded in 1999. As a promoter of Allianz Tiriac plans, MediHelp will provide more solutions for its clients, increasing our portfolio with local health insurance plans suitable for any demand. The partnership we signed with Allianz means the apposition of the most important private health insurance provider in the area and an internationally renowned insurance company, which proves that the Romanian market has reached a higher level of maturity and understanding of consumers’ needs.”, says Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.

“The partnership with MediHelp aligns to the development direction of Allianz-Tiriac health insurance portfolio. The health protection of employees can offer a competitive advantage for companies. We understand that the needs of active companies are very different, therefore the Allianz-Tiriac offer for protecting the health of employees is flexible and can be very easily adapted according to the client’s specific options. The same flexibility and the possibility of choosing the suitable coverage according to own needs we can also encounter in the health insurance product for individuals- SanaPro.”, explains Aurel Badea, Technic Direction Manager in Allianz-Tiriac Insurance. “We are certain that the Allianz-Tiriac offer can currently cover the most complex needs for different categories of clients.”, continued Badea.

SanaPlanis a modular product which includes a large variety of benefits. To the basic ambulatory plan can be added optional plans, such as the hospitalization and dentistry plans, for complete protection. Also optionally, a preventive package can be included to the three health insurance plans that allowpatients to evaluate their health condition every year.
SanaPro is a flexible product, modular, that allows clients to set up their health insurance based on their specific needs. The SanaPro health insurance planfeatures a basic insurance with a large number of benefits to which can be added other supplementary options like: hospitalization and surgical interventions, ambulatory care for children, hospitalization and surgical Interventions for children, prevention.