MediHelp International – part of the “Global Health Insurance” international conference

MediHelp International – part of the “Global Health Insurance” international conference

Between 19th and 21st of March 2019, the “Global Health Insurance” international conference took place in Prague where MediHelp International was represented by President Zahal Levy – as speaker and facilitator – and by Lorena Ionescu – Head of Customer Care – as a speaker. The theme of this year’s main topic was the impact of health insurances on the medical industry globally.

Zahal Levy’s intervention focused on the importance of including a multi-cultural dimension in customer care services in the health insurance industry. The presentation began by describing the context of the Central and Eastern European industry characterized by the outdated public health structure, lack of investment, of vision and leadership, underdevelopment of the private health system, lack of tax incentives for investors, high bureaucracy and doctors’ demotivation.

In this context, the MediHelp’s strategy involves the development and implementation of some effective solutions that partially solve the problems and come to the assistance of those suffering from various medical conditions. Of these we mention: providing health care from A to Z to the patient, the international coverage of benefits included in MediHelp plans, inclusion of some benefits for maternity and chronic illness, and also health insurance for investigations and treatments for cancer or for other serious medical conditions.

Equally, Zahal Levy also spoke about NESAcard – a social value insurance plan that fulfils three important goals: funding initial medical investigations, getting support in medical navigation, and also second medical opinion when diagnosed in case of cancer diagnosis. It is worth remarking that this is a charitable contribution to medical progress in cancer research and treatment in Europe.

One of the conclusions of the conference was that in an industry with a unique business model and with many stakeholders involved, it is important that the beneficiary of an insurance plan to be at the forefront and to be able to easily access the needed treatment at the highest standards.