MOTORCYCLES – Rocket riding

MOTORCYCLES – Rocket riding

I have been in the air, gliding, flying… On a horseback, I went on long journeys, galloped over rocks and crossed rivers… On Jeeps, I crossed deserts and African forests… I sailed on light boats and been aboard ships… The most exciting experience of all is riding a Motorbike!

The MB is a light frame, equipped with a powerful engine. The motion lifts off your weight and you sense a unique experience of movement that cannot be compared.

“Sense the flight that creates the sense of freedom.”

“Wind is your face – it’s you and Mother Nature.”

I began riding motorbikes when I was 21 years old. Late love. Like for all bikers, the experience became emotional.

I went with Tali to a trip in Myconos. We rented a small 50 CC mini bike. I remember that I used it so stupidly, that I wounded my foot on the starting pedal.

Later on, I bought an old Russian Java. After a short battle with the Police, my license was taken for a year’s disqualification. I lived in a small house near Tel Aviv. I parked the Red Java in my living room, and I started to dismantle the Bike. That took a year. I took each and every piece apart. I painted all the parts. Some I took to be re-done in workshops and garages. My living room looked like a garage. At the end of the year, I was just about to receive my license when I was stuck with the last part. I could not assemble the carburetor. This is when Ofer came in.

Ofer was an experienced engine builder. He had done the same project, 4 years before, on his Mini Morris of 1962. Ofer helped and the Bike got started.

My experience went on the Suzuki 400, which I rode for 2 years. Moto-Guzzi Florida 650 replaced the Suzuki. My Guzzi was the last bike before my break began. From 1994, I did not touch a MB for a long time. I cannot tell why this has happened. I guess I was somewhat afraid. Nevertheless, I used to rent bikes on trips abroad. I rode in Rhodes, in Athens, England and in California. I rode a large variety of MBs.

Accidents? Yes. Like all bikers, I have on my record some events of falling, sliding or ending a trip when my body and my MB were apart. The team of workers on the road in Tel Aviv contributed with a large oil pond on the road. This made me make a remarkable Slalom that even an experienced circus acrobat would be proud of.

In 1985, I was with my friend Ronny Bar-Yehuda (a successful insurance agent) in England. We were in the L.I.A. (Life Insurance Association) conference in London. It took me a long time to convince Ronny, that the right way to drive to see the Cliffs of Dover is with a MB. We rented a nice red Honda 850, which was not really scarred of driving on the left side with 160 kph. Dover is a nice city, we both agreed. Ronny recovered from the trip to Dover fast. But it took him longer to recover from the accident we had on the cliffs. I was fascinated with the view. I looked to the endless horizons of the seas, when an old Morris became the target of my carelessness.

In Israel, I rode with Offer, I rode in groups, on trips and some other occasions. My brother Rani has a nice BMW 1150 GS which I use often.

Recently, I received my BMW R1150RT in Romania. My Beamer is Grey, with 2 side-boxes, with a back-case, and with a tank top. I am planning on taking trips with it:

Going with my daughter Efrat to Amsterdam, I took some nice photos of MBs.

Berlin April 2010: