Work & Enterprise

My career in insurance has run in parallel to the development of the insurance industry in Israel.

I began as a sales agent in a business in Rothschild Street – the “Down-town” of the Israeli insurance world. I worked with Mr. Manuel Sand, the “father” of HAIL Life Insurance. (The former “Manufacturers Life Insurance Company“ of Canada – its subsidiary in Israel). Manuel was my mentor and friend.

I had followed the career and activities of the legendary Harold Stzen. At that time, Stzen was the undisputed leader of the insurance industry in Israel. He was a top life insurance provider associated with Israeli Insurance, and Chairman of the Israeli Life Insurance Association.

In 1988, I joined Keshet Insurance, Stzen’s firm. Keshet was then a market leader in health and life insurance. I joined as a partner. It was a wonderful opportunity to work next to Stzen, who was the head of the firm. In my years with Keshet, I became a qualified and life member of the M.D.R.T. and my achievements both in sales and involvement in this organization made me proud.

Personalities such as Harold Stuzen, Manuel Sand, Joseph Chacmi, Zeev Ravid, Mordechai Hershcowitz, Efraim Biderman, Avinoam Melamed, Shimon or Zvi Ben-Yaacov, are old time friends who I am predominantly affiliated with at present.

MediHelp International
MediHelp International is the leading private health insurance provider in Central Eastern Europe and has been present on the market for more than 15 years.
Affidea (former Euromedic)
In 2001, Euromedic entered the state of Romania, offering the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund the establishment of Diagnostics and Dialysis Centres.
SOS Medical
SOS Medical & Ambulance Emergency Services was founded in 1998, following intensive market research of the medical needs in Romania.
Business Navigation
The name “Business Navigation” is a life story of people. In 1989, I have established, a management consultancy company in Israel.