Business Navigation

Company Profile

The name “Business Navigation” is a life story of people.

In 1989, I have established, in partnership, a management consultancy company in Israel.

This was done with Ms. Anat Lechner, today a professor of Management in New York, and with Mr. Michael Sternberg, MBA – a psychologist from Jerusalem.

We had a nice dream. We had a good product and a lot of enthusiasm that took us up to heights and had some of the most interesting times of my life.

The first name of the company was “Synergy”. Our self-developed product enabled family owned companies to buy a multi-level intervention in their business and private lives from us, with a view to navigating the business to a better future.

We worked with all levels of organizations, synchronizing the different parts of each company, in view of achieving the mission and vision statement of the owners. This was done in parallel to initiating courses of management and customer service orientation for staff.

We have written informative chapters in the book of “Synergy”. We were involved in some of the most remarkable contemporary projects in Israel of that time.

We were a disciplined “trio”. We used to come back from a customer’s business and sit down for long deep discussions about the business, the psychological needs of the organization and the people in it. In most cases, our solutions made a real difference for our customer. The organization grew and was on its way to achieving its goals.

Our trio expanded into a quatro, when the late David Jacobs joined our team and became a part of our small company. David was a South African and a experienced organizational consultant. He had worked abroad and gave “Synergy” a lot of life experience and knowledge. David is represented on the front page of my web site with the slogan he gave us, “Winning is all in the mind”.

Here are some of the projects that involved “Synergy” at the time:

“Phoenix” Insurance Company Ltd.

Chief Consultant to the C.E.O.

Management Consultancy

“Neviot” Insurance Agency Ltd.

Chief Consultant to the C.E.O.

‘Recruiting and training agents’ project

“Best Buy”

Home Appliance Company

Family business advisory

Consultancy to the C.E.O., in management and strategic planning, marketing, sales.

Marketing surveys analysis and readapting sales display area. Image development, management team building and maintaining

“Yaniv Enterprises” Ltd.

Major manufacturers of calendars and diaries

Family business advisory

Chief consultant to the C.E.O.

Management building

Sales force development

“Keren Or Jewelry” Ltd.

Consultant to the C.E.O.

De-facto performance of company management


Nationwide company, the largest home appliances production chain in Israel

Chief consultant to the C.E.O.

Consultant in sales training

Marketing survey analysis

Readapting sales display area

“Shahal” Emergency Ambulance Services

Establishment of the Marketing strategy and sales force recruitment and training

Marketing procedures, advertising and training

In 1987, I was invited to head a program to introduce “Shahal” Emergency Ambulance Services in London. I set up the entire business planning, including the organization, marketing and the complete infrastructure, together with the British representatives and promoters. I have acquired the invaluable experience that will lead to the project being initiated in Romania. In 1998, I established the first private emergency service in Romania.

Time went by and the projects grew. But not everything went well for “Synergy”.

Anat, the driving force of our team, left for the USA to pursue a long term Doctorate Degree programme. Anat never came back to “Synergy”, nor to Israel. David Jacobs died, and Michael and I had to go our separate ways owing to other business commitments.

As the partnership of the company has changed, I decided to give my consultancy activity a new name. The name was “Business Navigation”.

Business Navigation projects brought me to my next chapter in my life, the enterprise in Romania, but this is already another story.

I will never forget the time I spent with the Trio of “Synergy”. The years as a consultant gave me a unique opportunity to work in management, from different levels and points of view. I have learnt so much about management that years at University could never teach me.

I also miss you guys, Anat, Michael and David.