Dear visitors

Through this website, I am thrilled to share my vision, my experience, and many moments of joy I have lived throughout my life.

For a long time, I have had a strong urge to share some of my passions and thoughts, and that opportunity has finally come.

The journey of my life has been and continues to be an exciting collection of stories, events, meetings with people, cultures, making friends, creating business connections, and more.

I also had to experience the bitter taste of departing from family members, friends, and broken dreams.

All along the route, I have been trying to be a supportive and positive addition to the lives of my friends, colleagues, and loved ones.  I hope I have left something good in the lives I have touched.

At the end of the website, you will find a place to leave me a message or a comment. Please do and I will be happy to read it and reply.


Zahal Levy